The Founders

Bin Hilal Enterprises LLC (BHE) was founded by 2 entrepreneurs. Coming from such background, BHE became the perfect ground to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of its team.

In BHE we move fast and we don’t settle. We are always aiming at more challenging projects and ventures.

With their military backgrounds, the Chairman and Vice Chairman are strict when it comes to conducting business with integrity, honoring commitments and conscious of the impact of decisions taken. 

Mr. Hilal Al Dhaheri – Chairman:

Mr. Hilal is a retired UAE Major General from the Ministry of Interior. The Chairman provides the general guidance and policy of the company, he is a seasoned leader and mentor who cares about developing the people as much as the business.

Mr. Hilal has been the driving force behind the visionary leadership that is needed for BHE and its group of subsidiaries, affiliates and sister companies. His unmatched understanding of the dynamics that govern the changes, challenges and needs of the UAE economy has been valuable at providing BHE with the direction to diversify its investments.

Mr. Humaid Al Dhaheri – Vice Chairman:

A passionate leader with first class communication competences and extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory issues.

Mr. Humaid possesses strong diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships, facilitating and building consensus among diverse individuals. He operates under the ethos of integrity and an avid promoter of strategic governance and continuous internal development. 

Mr. Humaid is a retired UAE full colonel and former military pilot with extensive flying and command experience. 

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