Message from The Chairman

There will always be times that will test our approach to business but we pull through because we are firm in our commitment to:

  • Our employees who deliver their work ethically regardless the temptations.
  • Our partners with whom we have delivered successful projects and added value to each of our businesses.
  • But most importantly we are firm in our commitment to positively contribute to the vision that the leaders of the UAE have put for us all as a guidance to success.

Bin Hilal Group of companies has started 2019 with a renewed enthusiasm to develop our core strengths and diversify our business portfolio. We are committed to evolve. While planning our new investments we pay close attention to our strategies, risk management systems and liquidity positioning to successfully overcome the present day economical fluctuations.

There is no task that cannot be overcome when the knowledge of the new team members and the experience of our long standing employees and the guidance of the managing directors go hand in hand. We learn from past mistakes and we encourage diversity as the way forward.

We have been known for our excellent records as defense contractors and suppliers of spare parts to our military clients. But our goal is to excel in every venture we embark on.

Employees empowerment is at the foundation of our growing operations. My advice to BHE family is to be in tune with the surrounding resources and know when to take advantage of them and to always strive to learn something new. As we grow we steadfastly do so by embracing dynamism, encouraging innovation and reinforcing integrity.

I’m extremely pleased with our progress so far and I look forward to what the future may bring. 

Hilal Al Dhaheri

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