About Us

How it all Started

From inception, the idea behind Bin Hilal Enterprises LLC was to create a platform to partner up with international companies to bring to the UAE the best of breed. 

Synergy is at the core of our believes. 

What We Stand For

At BHE we stand for appreciation, we value the good and learn from the mistakes. We believe that Abu Dhabi is one of the most exciting places to conduct business in and we encourage our partners to embrace the culture. We are successful at what we do because we understand the needs of our clients. Our clients are our partners and our partners are part of the team.

We trust innovative minds and out of the box thinkers. 

Vision and Strategic Priorities

Bin Hilal Enterprises LLC (BHE) is a family owned business, managed in the spirit of entrepreneurial innovation.

We are committed to the future of the United Arab Emirates in general and Abu Dhabi in specific. We are inspired by the  founding father’s visionary guidance and the spirit of integrity that he instilled in all of us.

We aim at building a portfolio of sustainable investments. While we focus on increasing the shareholders returns, we are equally mindful of our investments’ economic and social impacts, we conduct business with honesty and fairness.

We constantly tap into our in-depth understanding of the opportunities present in the variety of sectors that we are active in, including: consumer products, manufacturing, trade, contract employees placement and on-boarding services, defense contracting, real estate development and management, aviation and emerging technologies, security and management consultancy.

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