Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism industry has been the focus of many initiatives in the last few years, and we have been at the forefront to benefit from its growth and service it to the best of our capabilities.

Bin Hilal Enterprises and through the investments of the owners have been engaged in this sector since 1968.

From a humble start half a century ago to a blossoming business line, this sector contributes to the overall turnover of the Bin Hilal Group with nearly AED 50 Millions.

Our companies serve both corporate customers and individuals who are seeking a tailored holiday package.

With solid relationship with airline companies, hotels around the world, car rental agencies… customers approaching our companies are confident that their business or leisure trips are as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Like with all our businesses, Bin Hilal Enterprises aim is to always be a market leader and offer quality services and products to ensure our customers’ expectations are met if not exceeded. 

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