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Express is an Abu Dhabi registered company, although quite young, it has however been supporting landmark projects via providing contractual recruitment and on boarding service to calibers needed for projects with the GHQ Armed Forces. Express has as well various representation agreements with international recruitment agencies specializing in the areas of defense and aviation. Through this portfolio of affiliations, Express can meet the very specific needs for unique technical skill sets that are in very limited supply around the globe.

Process Outsourcing

  • Express will help its clients outsource a large part of their personnel management process via sourcing needed caliber on behalf of its customers and accordingly complete the legalization process for such team to be able to perform their expected duties. Express’ clients would eliminate the need for setting their own PRO and payroll departments, with that achieving costs savings, speeding up the recruitment process and guaranteeing their employees are allocated in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Express offers its clients as well the opportunity to benefit from economies of scale for all onboarding needs as it pulls through the large portfolio of products and services offered by the various entities under the Bin Hilal Group and all its affiliates. The services are individually priced and designed to help customers achieve an operational target. Employees will be eased into a new culture and business environment and will benefit from reducing the time it take them to reach full potential and productivity.
  • Express can also provide assistance with the acquisition of the needed operational licenses for its clients who are setting a new presence in the country. Every Client will get access to Express’ wide industry knowledge, familiarity with the requirements of licensing agencies, in depth knowledge of the requirements of ancillary government agencies which will impact Clients’ operations.

Service Agencies Agreements

Various foreign businesses seek the help of a local sponsor to set up a foreign branch representation office. Starting a business in a new territory is a daunting activity regardless of the position in the markets our potential partners are familiar with. It is not enough to have a local partnering entity, it is equally, if not more so, important to partner with the right one. Express can help companies launch their Abu Dhabi branch office. It acts as the silent partner while ensuring compliance with the legal requirements of the Emirate and the country.

Training on Cultural and Business Etiquette

Each market has its peculiarities and individual characteristics, the GCC market is one of the most difficult environments to succeed in if potential clients are not equipped with the needed information of what is acceptable and what is not. Breaking the cultural barriers and being sensitive to them can ease up operations and safeguard success. Globalization has set new challenges to businesses. It is now more important than ever to have the capacity to branch out into new markets but only if companies are able to maneuver around the collaborative frameworks that will govern their operations. Express offers its clients’ territory managers as well as general employees coaching and guidance on the standard guidelines that govern the business dealings in the UAE in specific and GCC in general.

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