BHE Sponsors the UAE Leg of the Triple 7 Legacy Expedition - Jump 6 out of 7

In Support of Fallen Soldiers - Watch the skydivers land on Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach on January 14.

The Triple 7 Expedition is an epic journey with a team of former special operators attempting 7 Skydives on 7 Continents in 7 Days– 168 hours to circle the globe to honor fallen brothers and sisters in arms and raise $7 million and fund 1400 educational scholarships for the children of the fallen.

The arduous journey could not be accomplished without the support of incredible sponsors – who make it possible for all donations to go directly to fund the scholarships. Additionally, the extended support team includes meteorological support and monitoring, communications, operations, and in-country support which is valuable to help manage the time constraint.

The UAE, Abu Dhabi jump schedule includes the Triple 7 Expedition team landing on the beach in the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Following the completion of the jump, the team will visit the local veterans’ memorial, Wahat al Karama (Oasis of Dignity), where a brief dedication to the local fallen veterans will take place. From there, the team heads to Dubai Airport to Perth, Australia for the final jump and mission success.

Legacy Expeditions and the Triple 7 Team recognize the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism which is providing all the ground transportation and local media opportunities. Abu Dhabi Skydive, providing drop zone and jump aircraft support; and Bin Hilal Enterprises, who has generously provided all financial support for airline tickets from Cairo to Abu Dhabi, as well as hotel accommodations. Bin Hilal Enterprises has also supported the Triple 7 Expedition with logistics support, meeting setup, and key introductions crucial to the success of the philanthropic mission.

WHY:  7 Skydives on 7 Continents in 7 Days was initiated to honor the brothers and sisters who did not make it home and raise $7 million for education scholarships for children of fallen military and first responders with 100% of all contributions going to Folds of Honor. 

WHAT: After one year of planning and almost 800 jumps together, the Triple 7 Expedition team launches their first jump in Union Glacier, Antarctica, to kick off their world record attempt at 7 Skydives on 7 Continents in 7 Days. Legacy Expeditions seeks to push the human boundaries through one-of-a-kind expeditions and missions.

WHERE: Expedition Itinerary - Antarctica (January 9), Santiago (January 10), Miami (January 11), Barcelona (January 12), Cairo (January 12 to 13), Abu Dhabi (January 13 to 14), Perth (January 15 to 16), Tampa (January 17-19).  

THE SPONSORS: Through the support of the sponsors, 100% of the contributions for the education scholarships will actually go to Folds of Honor, and they include: Bin Hilal EnterprisesFrog FuelBlack Rifle Coffee CompanyMen’s JournalComplete Parachute SolutionsVentus RespiratoryResco InstrumentsTalent War GroupSalomonPeter, M.D., ATTA, and Fieldcraft Survival


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  • January 12th, 2023
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