Recruitment & Sponsorship

Express Upon Request Employees Provision Services is an Abu Dhabi registered company.  Partnering with Express ensures that you gain from an unwavering local expertise and an added value to your operations.

In addition to contract/ term placement services with a special emphasis on the aviation industry (military and civilian), we also offer: 

  •  Process Outsourcing which includes employees on-boarding and HR process support. Our Clients will be able to outsource a strategic yet non focal processes which will allow them to focus on their core services.
  • Effective onboarding relieves our clients from operational burdens while allowing them to focus on core activities all combined with an increased employees performance and satisfaction. Employees will be eased into a new culture and business environment and will benefit from reducing the time it take them to reach full potential and productivity. We will present our clients with a one stop shop to all their relocation needs. With Express, our clients can be assured that their employees are provided with a VIP service.
  • Service Agencies Agreements: We will act as local sponsors to foreign companies that want to set up a foreign branch representation office.
  • Training on Cultural and Business Etiquette: We provide coaching services to territory managers and employees on the standard guidelines that govern the business dealings in the UAE in specific and the GCC in general.
  • We also offer standard (permanent) recruitment services to all industries for all positions from mid managerial level and upward. 
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